G. Brian PattersonBrian Patterson, Revenue Commissioner
Revenue Commissioner

Clinton Street Courthouse Annex
100 South Clinton Street
1st Floor Suite A
Athens, AL 35611

Phone: (256) 233-6433
Fax: (256) 233-6692

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

The Limestone County Revenue Commissioner, G. Brian Patterson, and his office are proud to announce that beginning October 1st, of each year at 8:00 AM, Limestone County citizens will be able to view Parcel Data and pay property taxes online. Click on the following link to gain access to this website.

The purpose of this web page is to acquaint you with Alabama law concerning property tax. There are 67 counties in Alabama. In some counties the responsibility to access and collect taxes is handled by two offices, a tax assessor and tax collector. The people of Limestone County voted to combine the offices of tax assessor and tax collector into an office of revenue commissioner. In 1986, the first revenue commissioner of Limestone County was elected to a six-year term beginning October 1, 1987.

The office of the Revenue Commissioner handles the mapping, appraising, assessing and collecting of property taxes. The Revenue Commissioner is also responsible for granting exemptions from taxes and collecting and disbursing taxes to the agencies of the State of Alabama, Limestone County, Limestone County Board of Education, Athens City Schools and numerous other municipalities.

On our Citizen Access you can search property tax records by Name, Parcel Number or Address. You can view all of our tax information; appraised value, assessed value, buildings that may be taxed on the property and also tax amounts. You can also view a map of the property. You can pay your property taxes online with a credit card or your bank account information. Also, our Business Personal Property accounts can file their yearly renditions online.

We have all the information listed for any exemptions that property owners may be entitled to on the Assessment link.

On our Collections link we give you a general overview of the tax collection process; for example, when property taxes are due, when our notices are mailed, how delinquent taxes are calculated and also information on our tax sale process.

On the Millage Rate link we show a chart of all the Millage Rates for all the Municipalities.

Jessie Pierce
Deputy Revenue Commissioner

Judy Harvey
Chief Appraiser

Anna Owens
Chief Business Personal Property Appraiser