There are many special tags available for registration that permit vehicle owners to visibly support and financially fund certain organizations. The organization tags are created by legislative act and vary in fees and requirements. Many are available to the general public.

Organization License Plates Include:

  1. Alabama Agriculture Education
  2. Alabama Bicentennial
  3. Alabama Cattleman Supporters
  4. Alabama Forestry Forever Supporters
  5. Alabama Gold Star Family
  6. Alabama Nurses Foundation
  7. Alabama Realtors (New Design Apr, 2020)
  8. Alabama Saltwater Fishing
  9. Alabama Space Tag (formerly Save The Saturn V, New Design May, 2020)
  10. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (Members Only)
  11. Amateur Radio (FCC license required, New Design Apr, 2020)
  12. Autism Acceptance
  13. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum
  14. Breast Cancer Research
  15. Cahaba River Supporters
  16. Choose Life Supporters (New Design July, 2019)
  17. Curing Childhood Cancer
  18. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Members Only)
  19. Don’t Tread On Me (New Design May, 2020)
  20. Ducks Unlimited Supporters
  21. Educator (Available to Educators in Schools and Colleges)
  22. Emergency Medical Services (New Plate Jan, 2020)
  23. Environmental Education Supporters
  24. Fighting Breast Cancer (New Design July, 2019)
  25. Fighting Cystic Fibrosis
  26. Firefighter (Members Certified by local fire chiefs)
  27. Forever Wild
  28. Fraternal Order of Police (active members only)
  29. Freemasons
  30. Freshwater Fishing (New Design May, 2020)
  31. God Bless America
  32. Habitat For Humanity
  33. Helping School Supporter
  34. Hope For Kids With Diabetes (New Design May, 2020)
  35. In Memory Of
  36. Law Enforcement Memorial
  37. Mending Kids’ Hearts
  38. National Wild Turkey Federation
  39. Ovarian Cancer Research
  40. Poultry Industry
  41. Professional Firefighter (Members Certified by local fire chiefs)
  42. Rescue Squad (Members Only)
  43. Retired Educators (Retired Members of Schools or Colleges)
  44. Retired Firefighter (Members Certified by local fire chiefs)
  45. Ronald McDonald House Charities
  46. Shriners (Members Only)
  47. Sickle Cell Awareness
  48. Sons of Confederate Veterans
  49. Spay-Neuter Pets
  50. State Parks Supporter
  51. Stop Domestic Violence
  52. Support The Arts In Alabama
  53. Vintage Vehicle (qualified vehicles)
  54. Wildlife Federation Supporters

Click here to view current designs of the organization license plates



Generic Specialty Tags With Distinctive Logo Include:

  1. Childrens’ Trust Fund
  2. Civitan Supporters
  3. International Motorsports Hall of Fame
  4. Letter Carrier (Members Only) (New Design July, 2019)
  5. Square and Round Dancers Supporters
  6. Support Our Troops
  7. Alabama Tennis Supporters
  8. Friends of Coal
  9. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity (Members Only)
  10. Whitetail Warrior Project
  11. Rotary International
  12. Prince Hall Grand Lodge
  13. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
  14. Huntsville Hospital
  15. I Share The Road
  16. Alabama Home Builders
  17. University of Mississippi
  18. University of Georgia
  19. Florida State University
  20. Colon Cancer Awareness (New Plate July, 2019)
  21. Prostate Cancer Research (New Plate July, 2019)
  22. Thank A Lineman (New Plate July, 2019)
  23. Louisiana St University (New Plate May, 2020)

Click here to view current designs of the generic specialty license plates.



Commitment to Purchase” Applications for New Specialty Plates

Additional organizations may apply for a new distinctive specialty license plate by applying with the Alabama Department of Revenue. An application will be forwarded to the Alabama Legislative Oversight Committee (LOC) who grants approval for an organization to enter the procedures for obtaining the required “commitment to purchase” applications from county licensing officials throughout Alabama.

Each “commitment to purchase” application by Alabama registrants is supported by the prepayment of $ 50.00 per license plate commitment. If the required number of “commitment to purchase” are received, then the license plates will be ordered and delivered to county offices for distribution. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for notifying their supporters.

The sponsoring organizations must reach sufficient commitments within 12 months following LOC approval. The commitments fall within two categories: 1. Specialty plate design, 1,000 commitments, or 2. Generic decal design, 250 commitments.

To view the current organizations that are seeking “commitment to purchase” applications:
Click here for precommitment purchase or current application status