The following is a sample of military license plates available to qualified Alabama residents:


  1. Active Reserve
  2. Alabama State Defense Force
  3. Bronze Star
  4. Disabled Veteran (New design Jan 2018)
  5. Global War On Terrorism (New design May 2017)
  6. Legion Of Valor
  7. National Guard
  8. National Guard Retired
  9. Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan (New design May 2017)
  10. Operation Iraqi Freedom (New design May 2017)
  11. Silver Star
  12. Veteran Atomic Nuked
  13. Veteran Battle of Bulge
  14. Veteran Desert Storm/Shield
  15. Veteran Korean
  16. Veteran Medal of Honor
  17. Veteran Pearl Harbor (New design May 2017)
  18. Veteran Prisoner of War
  19. Veteran Purple Heart (New design Jan 2018)
  20. Veteran Vietnam
  21. Veteran WWII American
  22. Veteran WWII Asian
  23. Veteran WWII European
  24. US Air Force (New design Jan 2018)
  25. US Armed Forces Retired (New design Jan 2018)
  26. US Army (New design Jan 2018)
  27. US Coast Guard (New design Jan 2018)
  28. US Marine Corp (New design Jan 2018)
  29. US Marine Corp Retired (New design Jan 2018)
  30. US Merchant Marine
  31. US Navy (New design Jan 2018)


Please note: Most of the military campaign tags are available with disability parking privileges. Individuals seeking disability parking privileges for the first time must also obtain the signature of a licensed physician verifying that the individual qualifies for the parking credentials prior to receiving them. The Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges form must be completed by a licensed physician before a handicap placard and/or handicap license plate is issued for first-time applicants. Click Here To Download Application.


Click Here to View the Current Military License Plate Designs