Who Must Be Certified?

All Alabama residents 12 years of age and older who operates a motorized vessel on Alabama waters. If the vessel license is acquired after January 1, 2002, and the operator is under 14 years of age, then a person 21 years old or older with a valid operator’s license must be on board and in a position to take immediate physical control of the vessel if necessary.

Proof Of Age:

All minors must furnish to the state drivers license examiner a certified copy of their birth certificate and social security card. (To view ALEA, Driver License Unit documents list click here.)

Cost Of Certification:

A one time fee of $5.00 (five dollars) cash is charged by the drivers license examining officer as an application fee.

How To Obtain Boat Operators Certification:

Exemptions From Examination Requirements:

  1. Holder of a valid United States Coast Guard Motorboat Operator’s License.
  2. Person submitting a valid certificate of successful completion of:

NOTE: Boating course certificates or motorboat operator’s license must be submitted to the Driver’s License Examiner at the time of making application.

NOTE: The operator license must be in possession at time of vessel operation. Additional Information concerning “Rules Of the Road” related to operating a boat in Alabama waters can be obtained by contacting the office: Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Marine Police Division, Montgomery, Alabama; 334-242-3673