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Real Estate Recording Fees

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Mortgage Tax
(Round up to the next $100)
$1.50 per $1000
Deed Tax
(Round up to the next $500)
*Real Estate Sales Validation MUST be included
$1.00 per $1000
Minimum Deed Tax
*We DO NOT Charge a “NO TAX” fee for exempt deeds
Quickclaim Deed
*Only if the deed is to perfect title and must be stated on the deed
Page Fee
(All Documents)
*First Page (Includes Probate Fee)
*Additional Pages

$3.00 per page
Extra Indexes and/or References$1.00 each after 2

Probate Policies Regarding Real Estate

  • Important: a Self-Addressed, Stamped envelope is required with all mailed documents. Recorded originals will be returned to you at the office’s convenience. Please include an envelope large enough to hold your documents.
  • Documents that have been unnecessarily stapled and large packages that have been folded are sometimes difficult to process and may be damaged by the scanner. Please send larger packages in flat envelopes.
  • Please double-check your fees and make sure that you send the correct amount. Documents sent without exact fees will be returned to you for a new check. Due to the high number of incorrect fees we receive each day, we cannot stop and call about them.
  • Multiple documents need to be separated by paperclips or staples; we cannot be responsible for determining where one ends and another begins. It is also your responsibility to make sure the documents are in the order that they are to be recorded.
  • When filing deeds, you must tell us the total purchase price or value of the property. We cannot assume how much deed tax is due and if your filing fees are correct based only on the money sent.
  • Corporations: We require two (2) checks for all corporation filings to be sent to the Secretary of State. No cash will be accepted for the Secretary of State’s fee. Please call for fees.
  • We do not stamp copies, please do not send them.
  • Please do not send copies in binders.
  • Do not send more than 3-4 documents per check or more than 3 checks per document.
  • Documents being hand delivered need to be in the office by 3:30 PM. Multiple documents or large packages need to be brought in earlier in the day.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance in calculating fees, then please call us at (256) 233-6427 and we will be glad to assist you so that your documents can be recorded without unnecessary delays.